How to Use

How to use Horsemate

Step 1.

Lay bags on stable floor. For a 4 x 4 stable you will require approx 12-15 bags.

Step 2.

Carefully cut all bags from corner to corner. To activate, each bag will require 5-7 litres of water. Pour the water into the bag opening and the pellets will swell. Within 10-15 minutes the pellets will have expanded to around three times their original size.

Step 3.

Empty the bedding onto the stable floor. The pellets will have become soft and fluffy – a perfect bedding environment.

Step 4.

Spread evenly with a rake or fork.

Additional Information

Mucking Out:
Remove solids and completely saturated patches daily. Horsemate bedding separates from manure, so there is less bedding wasted.

One to two bags per week will be sufficient to replenish lost bedding. Simply sprinkle new bedding with a hose or activate in a wheelbarrow. For a particularly wet horse use less water on replenishment bags. In the warmer weather we suggest dampening your bed down with a fine spray of water. Ensure pellets are completely dissolved before horse use.