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Statene Park uses Horsemate in all of its stables

Statene Park is a state of the art dressage training facility located on 60 acres in the Bellarine Peninsula with 13 spacious stables.

Mary is no stranger to the international stage having represented Australia at four Olympic Games and at three World Equestrian Games. Mary has been the Australian National Grand Prix Champion on six occasions and works as a full time Equestrian coach and dressage horse trainer, which she has done for over 30 years. She holds a bachelor of teaching and gives much of her time to the sport as an NCAS Level III Dressage instructor and A level Judge.

Olympic Equestrian rider Mary Hanna uses and endorses Horsemate. “The beautiful stables at Statene Park always smell fresh and the horses love it!”


Continual learning and a desire for self improvement rank highly on Anne’s list of priorities.

She holds a Bachelor of Education and is an EA NCAS Coach (since 1982) and Coach Educator.

Anne has Coached, Judged and Ridden Internationally – Highlights include being the Australian Paralympic Assistant Coach at the Belgium World Equestrian Games (2002) and Athens Paralympics (2004); Judging in Kuala Lumpur at the Malaysian National Horse Show (2011) and, more recently training in Portugal with their National Coach (2013).

Closer to home, achievements include being the Coach for the Young Ambassador of the year (twice), and being awarded a scholarship by the Australian Institute of Sport for Women in Leadership in Sport (2006).

Anne operates a premier Equestrian property in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, where she develops a team of talented riders working on daily personal bests with the goal of producing tomorrow’s champions.

Horses are Anne’s passion. Their comfort and well being paramount. Horsemate is an important ingredient in the holistic approach to developing the equine athlete at Sandford Lodge where Anne is currently competing on her homebred mare Sandford Levante and gelding Sandford Manuscript.


Shanon runs her own dressage horse training business “Shanon McKimmie Dressage” in Daylesford Vic. She has won the prestigious Aachen challenge twice on her horses ‘Ambassi’ and Don Shiraz. In 2015 Shanon won all the under 25 Grand Prix classes she competed in at Boneo CDI and then Sydney CDI. Recently she achieved a personal best in the inter A class with a score of 67% on ‘Ambassi’ who she trained herself to Grand Prix level. Shanon has wonderful team of young horses who she has prepped to enter the ring at Dressage With the Stars in March 2016

After 14 years intensive training at Statene Park under the guidance of multiple olympian , Mary Hanna, Shanon has considerable experience in managing some of the worlds top performance horses and brings that knowledge into her own operation now based at Hardwick Park.

Shanon has also had the opportunity to train under some of the worlds best riders including Steffen Peters, Kyra Kyrkland, Helen Langenhanbourg and most recently world number one Charlotte Dujardin.

Shanon can provide all aspects of horse training services including starting and young horse training, competition and sale preparation. Long and short term arrangements can be negotiated.

Shanon is also one of only seven Australians who recently made the list of top 100 riders aged under 25.




Louise Curran is a dressage rider based in Jindivick, in West Gippsland. After taking a break from competition for a couple of years she is now back as an active competitor and has two dressage horses she trains and campaigns.

Cil Dara Gandalf (Gandalf) is a 14 year old, 16.2hh, grey warmblood gelding with a chequered history. Louise has owned Gandalf for more than three years but they have only started competing in the last twelve months. In that time, Louise and Gandalf have progressed from Medium level and are now competing at FEI Small Tour (Prix St Georges and Intermediate 1) level and are members of the Victorian Reserve Dressage Squad.

Louise’s second horse, Fiodore (Fred) is a 5 year old, 17hh, chestnut warmblood gelding. He’s a big, goofy, clown with a beautiful nature. Louise and Fred are currently competing at Preliminary level and will move up to Novice as soon as Fred works out what to do with his very long legs.

In her non-equestrian life Louise runs a company that specialises in training and consulting in the area of customer management, largely in the prestige automotive industry. As someone who is continually juggling her professional and equestrian commitments, Louise is always on the lookout for anything that makes the juggling act simpler.

“I was initially interested in Horsemate stable bedding because of its low environmental impact – as a completely recycled product it’s already ahead of the competition in my book”, says Louise.

“On top of that, it’s easily stored and takes up very little space which, when you don’t have a large equestrian complex with heaps of room, is a very important consideration. I can stack the bags in the corner of my small feed room, they’re easy to lift, easy to use and they’re always on hand.”

“Then there’s the ease of mucking out. The beauty of Horsemate is that it doesn’t stick to manure so it’s really easy to sift just the droppings from the bedding. That also means that you don’t remove half the stable bedding each time you muck out. I’d guess that it takes half the time to muck out a Horsemate stable than it takes for ordinary wood shavings and for me, that’s a real bonus.”

“And, because of the way the pellets have been treated, you have much better sanitation and dramatically decreased smell. Once it’s in, it can stay put for 12 months or so. All it needs is an occasional top up with an extra bag.”


Chloe Brooks is an eventer with big goals for her upcoming campaign. With three horses in her stable – a warmblood named Snowy River Masterpiece and two off-the-track thoroughbreads named Caught in the Breeze and Earnest Credere, Chloe has her sites set on becoming one of the most respected and admired five-star riders in the world.

She looks up to Emily Anker – a fellow eventer who has achieved much success in her career – and appreciates the sponsorship of Horsemate due to it’s quality product.

“I love how it doesn’t move under your horses feet,” she said.

“There’s no more dust like saw dust and it’s so much cheaper than sawdust as you have less waste.”


This product would have to be the best find! The mileage I get as well as the small output to the manure pile is incredible…Low to no dust and easy to store and great price! Can’t go wrong!

Natasha Rae

We love Horsemate, its the best bedding we have used


I would just like to say how good it was to discover your product at Boneo Park while competing there. On our trip back to WA we travelled one of my horses on Horsemate and the other on traditional pine shavings. I could not believe the difference, your product was so much easier to clean out at the end of each long day’s drive (the longest 15hrs) the wet had been absorbed totally by the product no wet flooring and there was no smell either, so much nicer for the horses and us! As for the shavings, wet flooring and smelly, yuck! The other thing coming back into WA, we have to stop for Quarrantine and completely clean out, soo much quicker with your product, great for time saving! After cleaning out each night there was also more of your product left clean so there was still lots for the horse to stand on and when we did, it was easy to top up. I will definitely be using this again when we make our next trip back across the Nullarbor in 5.5weeks and recommending it to others making the trip. Thank you

Sharon Jarvis

Unless I had tried it for myself, I would not have believed the time and cost savings that have resulted from switching to Horsemate. The 15kg bags are easy to handle and the longevity of the bedding, even for the messiest of horses is remarkable! The customer service at Australian New Energy is outstanding and I will never go back to wood shavings now that I have tried PetMate. I am a convert to this clean, green and economical product.

Meaghan Willis

We used Horsemate for the first time at Statene Park in October 2014, it is an amazing product, no odours, not sticky, easy to use, little or no waste and significantly cheaper than shavings and straw. Our time spent mucking out stables has reduced significantly allowing us more time for other jobs. There is no doubt that this type of bedding is the future for horse stables, thank you HORSEMATE.

Amber Healley

Super happy with our HorseMate Equine Bedding. Whilst we’ve tried other products, they’ve had problems. This is great!!! Doesn’t stick to the horse’s feet, we get better coverage from less and it DRAMATICALLY cuts down the time to clean the stables! YAY – more time for riding (and doing farm chores)

Dressage Australia PTY LTD

Very impressed with the Horsemate. Boxes where conventional shavings were used are looking very soiled and smelly despite being picked out regularly and topped up with more shavings. I have dug out the wet spots once and topped up with more Horsemate, odour is minimal, bedding is soft and dry, and cleaning is a breeze.

Margaret Lewis

I’ve been using horsemate stable pellets for about four weeks now, swapping from wood shavings. I am really happy with the product. It’s a lot easier to store that the shavings were, as it comes in small bags. I don’t have a forklift at home but I was still able to buy a ton (66 bags) and it fits neatly in a corner of my feed room. I don’t have to worry about it getting wet, contaminated by products or turning into a mice nest. Set up was straightforward and, again, the convenience of having it in small bags made it a quick tidy job. The pellets soon turned into fluffy sawdust and made a really thick plush layer of bedding – much softer under foot than any bedding I’ve used before. Given that my stable has a concrete floor with no other cushioning I was very pleased. I find it easy to clean up with minimal wastage. The other big benefits I found are the reduction in dust – which is good not only for my horse but also for me cleaning up!- and odour. With shavings it always smelt really strongly in the morning, an after a week of use the smell would be quite persistent in the stable block, even with the window open. Since using horsemate there are no unpleasant urine smells in my stable, even if I don’t have time to clean it up for a couple of days. Even my husband has stopped whingeing about it (he’s using one of the empty stable to store a few things while waiting for his workshop to be ready). In terms of price it shouldn’t cost any more than the wood shavings I was using before.I’d definitely recommend it to my friends.


Wow wow wow….loving my new Horsemate stable bedding….sooo easy, clean and light – smells amazing too! Effortless to clean this morning and no scuffing away and having bare patches….it stayed nice and even and fluffy! Highly recommend….thanks


Good news! Sandford Levante won both her level 1 tests yesterday, first time out in 2 years after recovering from laminitis.
Horsemate has been a key factor in her recovery – offering a dust free and supportive bedding for the months she endured in the stable.
Many thanks!


The Horsemate bedding is so easy as it does not stick to the manure, meaning you can still use your manure scoop instead of the rake which can leave some manure in the bedding. Because of this, there is no need to top up the bedding as often, resulting in a cost effective option. The storage of the easy to handle, 15kg bags is a big plus as it requires very little space. When the time comes to top up the bedding, it is much easier than carting barrows full from a dusty pile.